ZEALOTS@ Lazy Diamond: Sun., 3/20 8pm-"Tiki Nite" 

COME SEE the 4pc at downtown Asheville's most important nite spot! LAZY DIAMOND runs a "Tiki Bar Nite" on Sundays to give bands who live local but work on the road an opportunity to stretch it out at home. The ZEALOTS are delighted to have Tony Black join us for a tasty batch of tunes played as a 4 pc..Expect Hi Energy!
WHERE HAVE THE ZEALOTS BEEN? Well friends, we are 'woodshedding'..To be exact, we have begun recording for 2 records this year..One will be the first GT Solo effort, and The ZEALOTS 4th release, tentatively entitled "The Cautionary Tales". Our live performances will be fewer until we have finished producing new stuff! The MOST ENERGIZING project is an animated video for "Another Head", already underway with the assistance of the UNCA New Media Dept. Come hear some new tunes before they become part of the vernacular!